About Us

Who are we …

José Miguel Rodriguez E.

Tonino Yannarella D.


We began to code when the Internet did not exist and the commands had to be learned with all their syntax, since there were no wizards or graphical interfaces.

The first time we installed a network, it was with coaxial cable and the OS Novell NetWare 3.X, it came in 2 floppy disks of 3½ », you started the installation with disk 1 and at the end it restarted the computer automatically and then you had to put the second album to continue, Where does that say?


The 90’s arrived, Windows 3, Ethernet, LAN, WAN networks, the Internet, viruses, hackers, social networks, Phishing and so on and so forth..

Our mission

We provide the technology at your disposal without you having to deal with it, we take care of the technical aspects.

Contact us, tell us what you need today, what you plan for tomorrow and we will always be with you.

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